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January 2019 archive

You Can Do It.

I have spoken to many photographers since arriving in New York, and many of them feel that running a sustainable and profitable photography business is getting harder and harder, with so many photographers out their charging ridiculously low prices for their images.

With over 40 years as a photography business owner, I can tell you that running a business has always had it’s challenges, and dirt cheap non -profit making photographers have always been around.BUT……there are thousands of photographers around the world making big money.

So it can be done!

Have faith if you are just starting a photography business or if you are going through a down turn in your business.

You CAN turn things around!

Check out this video of one of my clients with the finished products he has waiting for client collection… exciting !!!!


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Scared Of Selling ?

In my experience some photographers do not enjoy the selling part of their photography business.

But of course if you do not sell images in print or digital form, your business life will be very short.

You need to get that mental attitude of realising that the only reason that you are photographing is to sell the images.

It was certainly the only reason I photographed.

I was in it for the money.

The photography (which I loved) was just a vehicle to enable me to earn a great income and have a fantastic lifestyle.

I guess that’s what you want too as a professional photographer.

Your client is coming to you because they want to buy heaps of images.


But what about the client that I have pulled in via a Facebook ad and have offered a free photography session and a free print you say.

But you have spoken to them on the phone and told them that when they come to view the photographs they may really like some of them, and you are going to ask them if they would like the opportunity of purchasing some, right ?And you tell them that some of your clients that love their photos when they see them, and often buy something for the wall, or digital files, or an album of their favourite images, spending sometimes a $1,000 or more.

You also have told them that of course, the only time that they can decide is when they see their photographs. Right?

You don’t have to feel like you’re selling something to them that they don’t want.

They are there at the purchasing session looking at the photographs taking up the opportunity you gave them, to spend as much money with you as they want.

You should not prevent them from doing this.

Ask any successful photographer and they will tell you that it is a fact that the more money your clients spend, the happier they are.

Make your clients happy!

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Paying The Price For The Right Education.

Oh boy!!

More and more I see on the internet unrealistic, attention grabbing and super cheap
photography businesses courses, weekly let’s get together chat Facebook groups,
articles on how to get rich quick in your photography business, and a myriad of other
simple ways to make heaps of money out of your photography.

All great for those who are just playing the photography game, but certainly not
applicable to those of you out there who are serious about making real money from
their camera.

2019 sees 50 years of my being in the photography industry, as a Wedding/Portrait
studio owner, a seminar presenter, and photography business coach.

Over those years I made millions of dollars in my own business, and millions of dollars
for the photographers that I have mentored or coached.

So for 50 years I have never had a boss, and have had to create and overcome my
own challenges.Many things have changed over the years and I have seen many photographers come
into the photography business, and many more have hang up their camera and looked for
easier ways of earning an income.

As I consult and talk with many photographers around the world, I’m surprised at how many
of them play roulette with the money that they cannot really afford to gamble.

Too many of them don’t have any solid marketing strategies, and are just throwing
money into different forms of advertising and hoping. Fingers crossed.

This practice is far too common. Passionate photographers starting out in business are
vulnerable, and are targeted by various large companies who find it easy, with their well
rehearsed sales skills, to extract long term dollars from virgin professional photographers.

We are all too busy, and often distracted by family or a new piece of photographic software.

We get so “busy” that we forget that the most important aspect of financial success is in
being aggressive in our marketing programs.

No program? No customers, no sales.

Get your Marketing wrong and you will suffer the consequences.

I know that it is easy to work in our business playing at a computer, rather than working
on our business, and working hard on creating new customers.

I have the same goal for you as you have for yourselves.

I want your business to grow every year.

The number one priority of businesses around the world, whether it be large or small, is

The purpose of business is to CREATE customers.

If you want to grow your business, then you had better put this up as a big banner in your
head, and repeat it to yourself constantly every day.

Then ACT on it.

Why not set aside just one hour a day, for two days a week and see what marketing and
promotional ideas you can create. What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain?

“There is nothing that is a certain sign of insanity, than to do the same thing over and over
again and expect the results to be different”. Einstein.

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