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September 2018 archive

What Do People Buy?

One of my clients who just started out at creating a business for their photography asked me a couple of interesting questions this week.
She asked…..

Do you think most people actually buy different types of photos?
Should I focus on learning a different style of photography than what I am doing now?
Very interesting question I thought.
Let’s face it, as professional photographers we photograph ultimately for money.
As much money as possible.
So the question is, what type of photographs do people buy?
I think in general people buy photographs that……..
1. Flatter
2. Show personality
3. Show relationship
4. Are technically good
5. Reflect happiness
If a photograph contains most or all of these elements, I feel that the photographs
become very saleable.
Focus on getting these elements in your photographs, and your sales will soar.
Maybe portrait sales like one of my Inner Circle members had this week.
One sale was for $8,330 while another on the same day was $3,695.
Yes, get all the elements right and your bank account will thank you.
Let’s Do This Together.

Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach

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Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach
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Build Your Photography Business.

I love nothing more than visiting photographers and chatting to them about their photography business.

As my ongoing role as a photography business coach I have been able to do this in many countries around the world.

There is one thing that all these photographers have in common, and that is they all tell me that it takes time to create a successful business.

It seem like nowadays that we all want the quick result in building our photography business.

Quick money!.

Overnight success.

The Magic Wand.

If you are just starting your photography business, my advice is to change your Mindset and be prepared
to play a much longer game.

It does take time to build a photography business.

It also takes time to build trusted relationships with potential clients.

Focus on delivering on a regular basis, great products and good services.

Build your reputation and watch your photography business grow

The most successful photography businesses I know, have their clients coming back to them time and time again.

In my own business as a studio owner I had many clients coming back to me for their photography over
four, seven, and sometimes more than ten years.

Think of your business long term, and you are much more likely have a lasting and financially rewarding return.

Check out this video that I recorded last week with photographer Dean Mainsbridge from Zanzo Studio,
in Hobart Tasmania.

Dean has had his studio for 10 years now and mentions how building a photography business takes time.


When you are ready I have 5 ways that I can help you grow your business.

Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach

Bernie Griffiths

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