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July 2014 archive

Stop Photographing Weddings


I visited a new client situated in Noosa in beautiful Queensland last week. 

Tim has a fantastic studio set up in his garage, that he also uses for his clients to view and purchase photographs.

During my two days with him, it was obvious that his real strength was landscape photography, so my challenge as a business coach was to come up with some ideas to create income from Tim’s passion in photographing landscapes. (more…)

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Are You Drowning In Your Business?


Are you drowning in your business? Are you looking at taking your business to the next level? You want to, but you are feeling stuck, confused, short on money, can’t get enough customers, don’t know how and where to advertise, unable to get any right marketing together? (more…)

What I Have Learned in 50 Years of Business

Tip # 6

1. Produce the best quality that you can.
2. There are always clients who will pay more for top quality.
3. Don’t think that it is the camera that produce the photographs.’s you.
4. Hire people who do the job better than you do.
5. Don’t expect big sales every day. (more…)

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