I’m sorry, I really don’t like saying this….

But many photography businesses around the world may be coming to an abrupt end.

In the last 12 months I have seen so many photographers walk away from their dreams as their photography businesses have collapsed around them.

The causes have been many, including the breaking down of family relationships, lack of customers, getting sick of the struggle, bad sales, or they simply ran out of ideas to keep their business afloat.

So the burning question is, how do some photographers thrive while others don’t survive?

I have thought long and hard about discovering the answer to this question.

Answer…..an unmovable VISION and a strong BELIEF.

Those photographers who have great photography businesses believe that they are going to succeed, they believe that what they do is valuable, they believe in the value of their work, they believe in their role to supply their customers with lifetime memories, and they believe and search for people to help them on their journey.


They have a vision in their head of what their business will look like each time they decide to grow it.

One such photographer is Murielle Sassine.

Based in a low demographic outer suburb, Murielle’s success is mind blowing!

She shows her images on a 34 inch TV screen, doesn’t use ProSelect, and yet sells heaps of wall prints.

She also works from home in a converted single garage.

She has sold over $37,449 worth of products in a single month.Pretty good for someone that runs her photography business without any staff to help her.

Yep, she does it ALL by herself.

Check out this video where Murielle tells how she does it…


She has since not only done that $10,000 portrait sale that we spoke about in the video, but has done many around that figure plus a $23,000 portrait sale a few months ago.

Two of her sales just last week included a $8,300 sale and a $4,895 sale.

How did she get the leads?

How does she do her sales sessions?

The 2 keys to her success are VISION and BELIEF.

You will not believe what is possible.

Get energized and watch the video.

Need help to get BELIEF?

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