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Good Website Design

5 must haves

A good website is crucial to your business success. It is the place where your potential customers come to “get a feel about your photography and you.

It defines the where you stand in the marketplace. It is the big stamp of your brand.

It should look clean, easy to navigate, and be very fast as potential clients scroll through the pages.

When a visitor goes to your website you must have something there for them to act upon, otherwise they will be just that, visitors. You have to capture them.

Should you have your prices on your website?

There is only one way to determine whether your prices should be on your website, and that is to test and measure.

Put your prices on your website for two months and see whether it helps in getting more enquiries or in converting those enquiries.

Website Strategy

Your website should satisfy the following criteria.

1.  Should reflect your Brand.

2.  Show the best of your photography.

3.  Give a clear message about what you stand for.

4.  Define what is in it for the customer.

5.  You must have a call to action.

6.  Should have an automated email collection.


You can run your COMPETITORS websites through to see how they are performing.

  • FAQ – defining your rules of engagement.
  • OPT IN BOX- to collect potential clients.
  • LIMITED OFFER – value-add or reduce price.
  • TESTIMONIALS – on Home Page with client photos.
  • VIDEO TESTIMONIALS – photographer or testimonial

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