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Wedding Photographer versus Wedding Guests

I like these comments by U.K. Wedding Photographer Jeff Ascough and I must admit that I do completely agree with him.

“I posted a link to the BBC website yesterday which contained a small piece of film about a photographer who was complaining how smartphones were ruining weddings, particularly in the hands of the guests.

I’m still a little perplexed by the photographer’s stance on this and just wanted to put a point of view across that I think is just as valid. A counter argument if you like.

We all know that couples spend weeks, months or even years preparing for their wedding day. It is an event that brings families together and guests from all over the world.

Now here is the thing – the guests are far more important to the couple than the photographer is.

That’s it. Period. End of argument.

Untitled design (3)

If we look at any wedding day, it has usually been organised around the guests. The pomp and ceremony is as much for the guests as it is for the couple. Most of the budget and time will be spent on the guests. The guests are far more important to the couple than the photographer is!!

So…if the guests want to take pictures – that is part of the wedding day. If the guests want to stand in the aisle and video the wedding – that is part of the wedding day. If the guests want to take the bride and groom aside to take unlimited selfies – that is part of the wedding day. I believe we should embrace that, not get heated about it, or demand that the guests leave their phones at home. We certainly should not get so precious about our job as photographers.

If a couple don’t want their guests to take pictures, then they will tell them. I know this because I have experienced it on many an occasion. A lot of my clients actually encourage guests to take pictures and upload them to Instagram. Some have asked the guests to video everything for them on their phones so they can produce a completely different type of wedding video. It is not a problem to me as a photographer – nor do I make it part of an excuse if I can’t get the pictures I want.

The craze for watching everything from the back of a phone is part of life in the 21st century and it may get worse or it may disappear altogether, but for right now, guests are glued to the back of their phones for parts of the day. Embrace what happens and document it in context because it will eventually become part of our social history.

As an aside, this past week we had an order for three 16×12″ panoramic albums from one of our clients. They were for the bride and groom and both sets of parents. They all chose different pictures to go into their respective albums but each album had this particular photograph in it…so much for guests with smartphones ruining the wedding day”.

Photography Business Coach Bernie Griffiths

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Sprouting Photographer Podcast

  1. Marketing Mistakes
  2. Test & Measure
  3. Facebook Marketing
  4. Converting Cold Leads

He was fifteen years old when he began his career working for a local newspaper.

Leaving school with no qualifications, his burning desire to be a business owner, determined his future.
When only 21 years old he worked for a worldwide cruise ship company with a staff, and travelling the world.
His intense passion to run a successful small business led him to open his first small business. His dream had come true.
He thought that by having a shop front, the customers would queue outside the door each morning and hand him their hard earned money. It wasn’t to be. He realized very quickly that he had to become a marketer. He had to get his name out into the marketplace and promote his business.”
Bernie has walked the path as a small business owner, and knows the frustrations and day to day challenges. There are short cuts that can lead you to accelerate your success.
Using his own system, developed over many years, Bernie has turned over millions of dollars in his businesses.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Your business, and any business needs customers.
  • The important difference between marketing strategy and implementation.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes in marketing – don’t overanalyze.
  • It all boils down to lead generation and nurturing leads through the buying cycle.
  • Why you need to learn copywriting, and automate your content through the buying cycle.
  • Testing and measuring everything about your marketing – and what to keep track of.
  • Making sure all aspects of your business are realistic, including pricing and expectations.
  • The power of Facebook as an inexpensive marketing tool.
  • How to design an effective Facebook marketing ad campaign.
  • What to do with cold leads to warm them up to buy.
  • There is no right or wrong with marketing, just keep trying and keep learning.
  • Maintaining professionalism and avoiding the ‘bait & switch’ style of marketing.
  • The secret to marketing – get out there and market!

Links and Resources:

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Converting your phone calls into customers and cash.

When your phone rings do you get excited?

Or do you think that it is just another potential customer who will waste your time just asking questions about price?

Are you expecting them to ask that famous question… How much do you charge?
What you say next is either going to, cost you money, or make you money.

So is there a  secret to answering a phone enquiry?

It’s the same as anything else. Be prepared so that you are ready.

If you haven’t prepared yourself with a system to handle the phone call you’re probably going to lose the customer to a competitor.

You don’t want your customer to leave you, saying “thanks, I’ll think about it, and get back to you” They never do of course.

So what’s the answer?

In business we spend a lot of money to attract potential customers, so when we get “cold” leads or any general enquiries, we must handle them in such a way that we can maximise the number into customers.

So try this process of questioning the prospect about her needs, getting to know the triggers that motivate her, and build rapport that will generate trust. The end result is a much better chance of successfully taking a booking, or at least having a client in the future.

Throughout the conversation it’s important to talk to her in a friendly and conversational way that does not sound like a scripted list of questions that sounds like an interrogation.

Of course, we need to tailor our list of questions according to the specialty you’re talking about, but I would suggest having a phone script that you can draw upon before you move the discussion to the topic of the price and investment.

We need to build a relationship quickly, so that the person on the other end of the phone feels a natural affinity for who you are and what makes you different from all the other photographers.

Key questions to ask in answering a client enquiry over the phone are.

Here is an example of a phone script for a portrait photographer.

Have you seen our website?

What did you like about our photos? We specialise in emotive relaxed portraiture etc.

Tell her about your brand and what separates you from other photographers.

Was there a time frame that you wanted the photographs taken?

Could be an anniversary, or special birthday. You also need to know the time frame to check your availability and create a need for the customer to book.

Who was to be in the photographs?AWARENESS DAY

You need to know whether it is one subject or a big group, to give you some idea how long the session will take.

Where did you hear about us?

You need to know what marketing strategies are working.

Do you have an email address?

You need to know this so that you can put the email address into your database, so that you can start sending your regular emails that you send out to everyone on your database.

What’s most important to you about having a professional take the photographs? You need to know the answer to this question should find out the dominant buying motive.

Listen carefully to her answer, you may be given a great opportunity for her to reveal, in an emotional way, why she should work with you.

Tell them your session fee plus a guide to prices of your products.

This is the main reason that the customer is phoning, to get information.

Tell them your photography and ordering processes.

This will give clarity to how you do business.

Tell them that “the only time that you can decide what you want is when you see

your  photographs, and it is at this time I will go through all of the products, and pricing,

and  from there it is up to you”.

Tell them what makes you “different”, and emphasis it, so that you can create value in the customers mind.

Tell them that you are happy to send further information by email. This would be information, not a price list.

Tell them that you are happy if they are in the area, for them to drop by and see your samples. Then they can see exactly what they are getting for their money.

A key point is to add their email address to your database, so they are going to get regular emails with information, and special offers, that may cause them to make a booking further “down the track.”

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The Portrait Challenge

Photography Business Coach Bernie Griffiths Podcast Interview
136: Bernie Griffiths – A Challenge for You to Book More Portrait Photography SessionsSomething different for this weeks episode with previous guest and photography business coach Bernie Griffiths. It’s a step by step instruction on how to book more portrait photography sessions through a targeted Facebook ad with a challenge for you to get this done. Are you up for it?In the interview, Bernie explains with clear instructions how to format your Facebook post for your promotion including a headline to grab attention, a reason for your promotion and an attractive offer that will be difficult for your target client to resist.All you need is an open mind, a small advertising budget of $25-$30 and the willingness to take action. Oh, and time to shoot and sell more portrait photography when you commit to this and follow through.“Once you started treating your hobby asHere’s some of what we cover:

The state of professional photography today
Why Bernie believes the photography industry is harder than it used to be
Do you need to be a better photographer to be successful today?
What most photographers are doing wrong in their business
The key to business success
How to grow your photography business
How to avoid making the wrong decisions when marketing your business
Why lead generation is key to success in a business like photography
How to nurture potential clients until the time is right for them to buy
How to find reasons why clients should consider your business
Target marketing is key
How a simple Facebook promotion can deliver great results
How to do a boost post on Facebook
Why you need to invest money if you want to generate leads
What genre should you choose for marketing your business
Get specific when targeting audience with any promotion
Incorporate the five “who, why, what, when, and how” in creating your ad
The ideal print size to giveaway for your promotion
Easy yet catchy phrases to use during contact details gathering
How to fully take advantage of your leads
How to plant the seed of follow up sales effectively
Key phrases to use to catch your readers attention
Using a call-to-action in your ad campaign
How to respond to clients who say ‘NO’ to your offers
Do not limit your promotions on a single genre, expand and grow with your ads
Put all your energy into your marketing project
Cost-effective ways to promote your ads
Be passionate in promoting your business
When marketing your business, everything works, even when something fails
Do not dwell on your failures, instead, move on to the next task
Innovate and keep changing things to succeed in your business
Why you should never stick to one marketing strategy

Re-Boot Your Photography Business


Many Photographers are struggling to earn a reasonable income through their photography, mainly because they are running their business the “old way” and have not kept up with new ways of Marketing, Website lead generation, and easier selling strategies.

Learn the new ways getting customers in front of your camera, and how Social Media can help grow your business.

The whole day will focus on re-defining your business with some brand new Marketing ideas, and an up to date view on using Social Media for your photography business.

Bernie Griffiths has over 40 years experience in running a successful photography studio, and now he coaches and mentors photographers around Australia and New Zealand.

Johannah Barton is founder and owner of Confetti Design specialising in branding, website design and small business marketing. Johannah, coming from an artistic family is sensitive to creative industries, and specialises in working with photographers.


9.00am – 9.30am      REGISTRATION



12.30pm – 1.30pm     LUNCH



SYDNEY…Tuesday 13 October THE RANCH Cnr. Epping & Herring Rds North Ryde


MELBOURNE…Tuesday 20 October MANNINGHAM HOTEL 1 Thompsons Rd, Bulleen


Cost…EARLYBIRD $47 before 25th September… $97 after that date.


Real Photographers…Real Coaching…Real Results….Real Money

Photography In Tough Times


by Peter Owen

Well, another year has drawn to a close and a lot of us have seen some big changes this year.

It’s been a year here the purse strings have been tightened and a lot of hard decisions have been made by all of us.

Those who have come through are the bigger well established studios who were able to continue to market aggressively or who have built up a reputation over the year that still had people coming to them because of their name.

There seems to be more of us photographers in the market place now grabbing the same bit of the pie, and in the good times when people were parting with their money more freely, it was good for us.

Now it’s survival of the fittest.

Via meetings or social events I have met a lot more photographers this year through the Institute which has been great.

I have also seen a lot of their work, and one thing that does strike me however is nearly everyone’s similarity, especially among us wedding / portrait photographers.

On average the general daily work also is the same as what was done 10 years and more ago.

This was more evident however when I recently revisited Queensland after having lived there 8 years ago. Overall, the wedding/portrait and thee commercial/advertising industry hasn’t changed much in the style and the way images ae produced at that time.

Does it matter  that there hasn’t been much of a change in the images we produce especially for the general public?

To some people it doesn’t  because  their  marketing  and  primary aim in these tough times have still seen them achieve the number of weddings or portraits thy want, to make the profit they want, because that’s THE reason they are in business.

The “perceived value” of our work by the general public and users of the work has greatly decreased over the years though.

There really have been some big changes in the amateur market over the recent years. Look at the improved camera, film, processing and printing technology that are readily available to the masses. There really are great cameras now that you can point and shoot and get great results with, and then take them to a processing place and obtain good cheap prints in an hour.

Kodak now have a machine available in a lot of their Kodak Express Stores that can analyse, enlarge, crop ad then process and print a clients image from a 35mm and have enlargements ready within 10 minutes, all with the direction via an operator from the client.

A 10” x 8” print comes in under $10, and it’s good quality.

With the advancement of this technology it has enabled the general public to obtain good quality for a cheaper price.


For example stereos, TVs , CDs have all come down in price over the years.

However in our industry our product hasn’t changed and yet we are expecting the public to pay a higher price for this product.

Well my crystal ball says there will be, and has to be, some changes very soon in order for us in our professional industry to stay ahead of the public.

No matter what technology we have to produce an image of some sort you still need a human being behind the image making device (still, video camera, laser image, data transfer machine or whatever!) so the “artist” or master craftsman will, if promotes or separated from the ordinary person, survive.

In order for this “artist” to survive though, the end product will need to be something that everyone wants to have.

This will mean a good price can be charge and a value will be placed on the product because it is “different” or “better” to what is available to the general public.

You see we are not really in a good industry because any one can pick up a camera, and take a great photo.

Especially now when there are so many food short and cheap photography courses available to anyone who wants to improve their photography as well.

You can’t do a weekend doctors or solicitors course.

The other way to survive is to grab the modern technology, go high volume, trim your overheads and train production people to produce a result that is good and easy and cheap so people wouldn’t be bothering doing it themselves.

I saw a bit of this in Queensland, where some people are providing a “John and Trish Perrin style” glamour photography for cheap as chips prices and a 2 day turn around on framed wall prints.

So what am I really saying by all this…….The industry as whole needs to change both its look and its way of doing things.

Those that don’t, won’t survive. Each individual in the industry also needs to be individual, then competition wil come on a photography, style and service basis and not on a price basis.

The images need to be up with the times and of a high quality.

We just need to look at the modern fashion shots, to see the décor of some of our premises and the way we present ourselves and our images, so see some of us are behind.

These tough times will bring about some big changes. The writings on the wall.

Change and Prosper or Don’t and Die!


Photographing New Born Babies

Who Doesn’t Love A New Born Baby?

Over the last few years, newborn photography has become the “go to” genre for photographers around the world.

There are a million videos, tutorials, ebooks, guides and books on how to photograph these “slippery little suckers”.

Nowhere In all of my research on photographing newborns, do I see any one talk about shooting for maximizing sales.

The focus is always on how to photograph the baby.

Now to maximise our sales, we need to photograph the baby with any siblings, its parents, and its grandparents.

Becoming a proud grandparent myself  just six weeks ago, to a beautiful grand daughter, Wendy and I would have loved to have some great professional photographs with the new baby.

We would have loved the photographs to be taken in our home, so that we would not have to had venture out into Melbourne’s freezing weather.

Our son and daughter-in-law would have preferred this also, as new busy parents they would not have had to pack the baby, along with clothes and bottles etc.

How easy for us all to have the photography session in the comfort and warmth of our own home.

We could have supplied any props so the photographer would not need “organically dyed newborn cheesecloth wraps” etc.

Doing a newborn session in new parents homes just makes sense, and has many benefits for the client, and the great benefit for the photographer of course is in maximising the sales.

I have some of the photographers that I am coaching doing this and they are having a lot of success.

So next time you book in a newborn shoot, just encourage the baby’s parents to bring

along the grandparents for part of the shoot.

Your bank account will thank you.

photography business coach

Ready To Step Up?


Are You Ready To Take The Next Step In Your Photography Business?

I’m really excited!

My name is Bernie Griffiths, and I have coached many photographers over the years from those with many years as big studio owners, to photographers who are working part time.

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke to a photographer who had been trying to start a photography business but she just could not get it all happening.

She loved her photography and had dreamed of taking photographs and earning a living from her passion.

She was getting frustrated in trying to get her dream happening, and it was clear that she needed help.

Because she wasn’t making any money, she could not afford my coaching and consulting programs, so she asked if I would consider putting together a more affordable program for photographers  like her, to help them to build a strong business foundation so that they could turn their passion for photography into a viable business.

So, I created a super effective step-by-step “Live” Mentoring Program that will guide you and give you some easy to learn basic business principles to create and grow your photography (even if you’re on a limited budget).

Does this sound like you?

Your cash flow is not showing any signs of growth.

You’re spending all of your time in your business and no time on your business.

It’s an uphill battle to make good sales.

Having trouble getting enough customers.

You feel guilty spending too much time at work and not enough with your family.

Your customers don’t value your photography.

You want to take your business to the next level but are not sure which direction you want to go.

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this Program is for you.

I Had To Get Serious About Marketing!

Many years ago, long before Digital, Selfies, Facebook, Lightroom, SEO, and Photoshop, I had a super successful wedding/portrait business.

My business stood strong through good and bad economic times.

It even survived a long recession period.

I had that same successful business for over 40 years.

As the sole income stream it provided me with a good income to bring up my two kids in private schools, have regular holidays, meet amazing people, and enabled me to do what I loved….Photography and Marketing.

When I had a camera in my hand I always felt an adrenaline rush, but I felt at home.

The Marketing side of the business also excited me.

I learned early on in my business that if I didn’t do any or enough Marketing, my business would die.

Understanding Marketing is the key to your business success, not just in the short term, but more importantly in the long term.

I’m looking for particular photographers who are committed to taking their photography Business up to the next level.

Photographers that I can guide with all my years of experience, toward a financially sound business future.

If that’s you, I want to personally work with you in your business to help you get over the obstacles that are holding you back.

I know that you may find it hard to believe at present, but I believe that you can achieve so much more in your business.

Having owned a successful Photography studio for over 40 years, I have some good insights into how to do the right things, and not waste time and money on the wrong things.

You may have spent time and money on books, seminars, webinars and education over many years. That’s all good, but with me by your side as your Mentor, your journey to business success will be accelerated.

What Have You Got To Lose!

One of the important things I’m going to do for you is to create a few steps to help bring customers to your business.

I will also guide you through 4 strategic parts of your business, to help you to put all of the jigsaw pieces of business together, helping you to learn how you can attract more clients with less work and fewer headaches.

As we progress to the end of this program, things that should happen are……

You’ll be more motivated.

You will Learn Proven Marketing strategies.

Start Turning Customers into Cash.

More Time for Yourself, and Your Family.

Think about this…..

Lots of photographers are finding it tough out in the marketplace.

There is a lot of competition out there from cheaper photographers.

Running a successful business has changed rapidly—a totally new approach is needed to keep up. I will guide, with proven systems, and a way to create success and fulfilment in your business.

Do You Understand Business?

You may be a good Photographer, but in order to have a successful business, you need to have a clear understanding of what your business is, what you do, and what you need to do to be successful.

You need a strong Brand/Positioning message, and clear business goals of what you want to achieve.

If you are clear on who you are, what you provide, your target audience, your pricing, and your products that you are selling, then all you have to do is to attract the right customers, with your marketing.

The Joys Of A Home Photography Business

More and more photographers are working from home, and this trend is set to continue into the future, as more and more photographers take control of their passion for photography to create a small profitable business.

Photographers are willing to juggle their business and family life for a more simplified lifestyle that can bring rich rewards if

In making your decision to work from home, you have to realise that your personal or home life could intrude on your work, and vice versa.

The fact is that operating a photography business from home does need some “know how” and discipline is needed to push you to focus on your work.

The good news is that working from home can provide you with a fulfilling career, while being constantly around the family.

There are many other benefits of course, and the best one is that if carefully planned and executed, your business can give you a great income.

Photography is your passion?

So why not have your own photography business?

Do you like the thought of having more spare time?

How about just working the hours that you want?

Having a holiday whenever you feel like it?

Making a great income?

Working the hours that you want?

Earning lots of money?

Starting a photography business without any training, and very little capital, can be daunting.

What is the Secret of Success?

The one key ingredient for success is passion. Not being able to see failure. Your passion will drive you.

One of the weaknesses I often see in home studios is that they believe in the old saying ”build it and they will come.”

This is no longer applicable in today’s highly competitive market place.

Especially in the wedding and portrait market areas, where there are literally hundreds of small photography home studios, in large and small towns all over Australia.

The photographers that succeed in the industry are good at marketing and promotion, and not necessarily masters of photography

How To Make More Money

Having an effective photography pricing strategy, combined with a simple selection of products to sell, will result in getting more customers, and making more money.

By the way, I understand that if you’re charging less than low prices for your photography you are probably cheating yourself, because I know from my own experience that there are lots of customer who are willing to pay heaps more than you think.

You take photographs because you love it. It could be the only thing that you have found that you are really good at.

You may just become so tired of working so hard and having no money in the bank.

If you have spent the time, money, energy, and then even more of my time to take better photographs, so why are you giving it away?

The key is to develop a photography pricing plan and selling structure, to help develop a strong home business.

Here’s How It Works:

This unique personalised program is over 8 weeks.

There are 4 Personal Skype Session Modules.

Each one will cover a specific area of your business. In between the sessions you can email me with any questions or queries that you have, so that we can keep you moving forward in your business.

The beauty of what I have to share is that I have been in exactly the same position as you are at some stage of my career.

I know how to get you to that next level.

Social Media Can Be A Big Timewaster.

Many photographers spend hours on Social Media, without really knowing what they are trying to achieve.

Over the years I have learned that a lot of Social Media can be a total waste of time, while some of it can give great results both in Marketing and in getting your website on the first page of Google. It took me hours to work it all out, but I discovered the specific strategies that have helped my own clients get results like this.

  • Their website got on the first page of Google for the keywords they wanted, in just three weeks.
  • Facebook and other social media activities were actuallyworking to create new photography sessions bringing in real paying clients!

You don’t need to spend tons of money on Marketing and Google Adwords.. In fact, everything I will show you is either at a very little cost or is completely free.

This is what will be covered…

MODULE 1. Pricing

One of the “must haves” if you are to make money in your business, is to get your pricing right. I will go through a success formula that will give you clarity in your pricing structure, and help you to maximise every sale.

Your pricing is crucial in not only getting in the right kind of customers, but also in the business making a profit. I will show you how to structure a price list that will encourage your customers to spend more than they had planned.

You will also learn how to set your prices higher than your competitors rather than lower, and still get lots of customers.

MODULE 2. Products
Having the wrong products will diminish your sales. This session will help in guiding you in the right direction, of presenting products that customers love to buy. Certain products at present are really “HOT” and I will show you what these are.

MODULE 3. Marketing

Good Marketing is the lifeblood of any business, and I will show you some proven marketing strategies to get clients in your door. In this module I will give you specific marketing steps to get clients in front of your camera.

MODULE 4. Selling
Selling doesn’t have to be stressful for you or your client. I will reveal my unique and simple “Soft Retail Selling System” that has created thousands of dollars in my own business, and to other businesses who have used it. You don’t have to be a “salesperson” to create great sales. You just have to the right way of doing it.

Who Is This Program For?

The program is only suitable for photographers who are looking to progress their business, by focusing on what they need to do, and putting in the necessary work.

You will receive the best results of this program by putting in the effort, and turning thought into action. But trust me, it will be worth all the effort!

You must be willing to have an open mind and you may have to change some of the things that you’re currently doing.

The truth is… if what you’re doing now isn’t getting you the results you want, it probably never will. To get better results you need to start doing things differently.

If you feel that you are the kind of person that would benefit from joining me in this program I would love for you to join me.

How Much Does It Cost?

I have made this coaching affordable so that I can help as many photographers as possible, but I am offering it at an INTRODUCTORY PRICE, for the first 20 photographers only.

If you miss out I am happy for you to register when the price goes up..

The cost for all 4 Skype module sessions PLUS ongoing email contact and phone support is just $125 per week over an 8 week period.

Limited Offer

This opportunity is limited for this program at an affordable price, as I am committed to my regular coaching clients.

But Wait There’s More!

Just to say THANK YOU for taking this program I will also include my all NEW e-books “Wedding Photography Phone Enquiry Success Guide, ” The Portrait Photography Soft Sell Guide” and “The Portrait Photography Phone Enquiry Success Guide.”

Total Value over $199.

I have a feeling that you’d really like to have more clients, and that you feel you need to have a more solid business foundation with your Pricing, Products and Marketing

Stop Struggling.

You could be struggling to find any clients at all, and that you may even be frustrated because things seem to be going so slow for you, when other photographers around you seem to be super busy and successful.

You may be full-time, part time or just beginning, but you certainly want to get much better results for your efforts.

I want to encourage you to realise that there is hope.

I want to share with you everything that I have learned, not only in my own 40 years of running a successful photography studio, but what I have learned as a Coach to hundreds of other photographers.,

You Have To Learn To Grow

There is an old saying that says “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Learning the shortcuts and what does work will save you heaps of time and effort, and loads of money, in wasted attempts at trying to get it right yourself.

In fact it could take you many years to get the number of customers that you want who will pay the price that you are asking.

In the Mentor Me Program You Will Learn…..

  • How to Get More of The Right Kinds of Clients.
  • Lay the Groundwork for Marketing that works, and ensures that you’re working towards the photography business you have dreamed of.
  • Finding out who is your ideal customer that you will enjoy working with.
  • How to stand out in the marketplace.
  • How to sell digital images at a high price.
  • How to turn Phone and Email enquiries into customers.
  • .How to Get Your Website to be more effective.
  • The key elements that ensure your website turns visitors into potential clients.
  • Learn how Google Plus can get your website on the first page of a Google search.
  • How to approach other business owners you don’t know, exactly what to say to help you get new customers

This Is Not A Magic Wand.

This Mentoring program is not a “quick fix” or an instant solution to getting the right customers. So many photographers look on the Internet trying to find a Magic Wand to wave over their photography business, thinking that if they do they will have instant success. This is very unrealistic. This is a “one on one” Personal Mentoring Program that will give you the Right Proven Marketing and Business Strategies to lift your photography business to the next level.

It could take you years to work out what to do to bring in new customers, get good sales, and have a profitable photography business.

This program can “Fast Track” your learning on how to market your photography to get heaps of customers, who are happy to pay good money for your photography.

The Key that Makes This Program Unique.

This is a personalised program “ one on one.”

I’ll be there to help you throughout the whole Program.

You’ll get 4 hours with me LIVE by Skype, where I can get your top questions answered, and also guide you and teach you the strategies that you need to learn for your success.

I’ll provide powerful coaching and feedback to help you and show you exactly what to do.

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“I am an Auckland based photographer. Bernie has been my photography business coach for over a year. Since I started my photography business over 6 years ago, I had struggled through every winter and was very close to giving my photography away. After working with Bernie, everything changed.Bernie has taught me how to market my photography, shown me how to develop and position my brand, lift my prices, and my photography business, is now in the position of having a waiting list of clients. I have tripled my average portrait sale since working with Bernie. I can’t recommend Bernie highly enough.” Kimberely Kent

“Have booked 10 sittings from the Facebook promo that you suggested. Anyhow have had an amazing week of sales all over $2000, our first sale from the Facebook response made it to $2000 and were just wrapped & excited at the photo results” Marie Raconnello M.Photog

 “The feeling for me from being stationary (and let’s be fair, stagnant) to building some momentum, seeing desired outcomes and making progress is a brilliant one. Monetary benefits aside, the psychological benefits of this forward movement are invaluable as every step forward brings a sense of achievement. No matter how big or small they are successes and I’ve developed a taste for it such that any set back (or learning opportunity) just motivates me further to turn it in to success, not just by thinking but by doing. I have you to thank for that. You’ve helped me build this momentum and together we will build it further. I guess another important point is you’ve not only shown me where the accelerator is but you are also teaching me how to steer.” Brook Durling

 “Jill just did the first sale from the Babies Wanted campaign – $3490 !!! It was from the window. Another client saw it & told her friend to ring me ! Have booked 4 so far.Very happy. “ Carol Gibbons M.Photog.   

Rich and Poor Photographers Speak


Great info about how rich and poor photographers talk by Photographer Bradford Rowley

About the Author:

Bradford Rowley is perhaps the most expensive portrait photographer in the United States with an impressive list of prominent clientele.  He operates studios in New York, California and on world famous Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.  He has made over 20 million dollars from selling portraits. He has taught photographers from more than 40 countries.   He currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and youngest child.

15 Statements Poor Photographers Say that Rich Photographers Do Not!

Below is a list of comments I have heard from photographers over the years and especially lately that I find toxic for success and a contrast to what I hear from people I mastermind with.

As in all of my articles, when I point out something wrong, I also give a solution or the flip side which I believe points in the direction of success….

Phrases Poor Photographers Say:

  1. Cheap photographers are ruining the industry.
  2. I am in it for the art not the money.
  3. I’m going to spend my money to buy the latest equipment.
  4. It’s impossible to get rich in photography.
  5. People will never spend that amount of money.
  6. Clients don’t see my worth.
  7. My clients insist on getting their images on a CD.
  8. There should be some protection like professional licensing for our industry.
  9. I hate selling.
  10. I am up till 2 a.m. working on photoshop.
  11. You can’t make the same amount of money in photography that you could 15 years ago.
  12. We are in a recession right now.
  13. All the photographers I know say business is down.
  14. I just hope I can last a little bit longer in this industry until I retire.
  15. I don’t trust anyone in my business but me. 


          Phrases Rich Photographers Say:

  1. I run my studio as a business.
  2. I carefully spend my money on marketing that brings in massive amounts of clients.
  3. The photography business is one of the best kept secrets there is.
  4. I differentiate myself so entirely from cheap photographers that they have no affect on me.
  5. Photographers can make more money than physicians if they are savvy.
  6. Spending at least a few thousand dollars on a piece of art which is a representation of that which is most precious to people is a very reasonable expectation.
  7. I carefully brand myself in a very calculated way which helps me command top dollar.
  8. I never let any portrait leave my studio which isn’t finished in the most exquisite way and with full artistry. My clients understand and respect me more because of it.
  9. Because I make an amazing living, I can afford to enjoy my love of photography on vacations all over the world.
  10. I assume 100% responsibility for my success as well as my failures.
  11. My work immediately communicates professional.
  12. I feel passionate about my work and relish the opportunity to sell it.
  13. I hire specialist to assist me in production so I can spend time expanding my business and taking it to the next level.
  14. With all the new technologies, there has never been an easier time to make money in photography.
  15. If there is a recession, I won’t participate in it.
  16. I surround myself with positive and successful individuals.
  17. I want to make as much as I can from my profession to provide an amazing life for my family and to be able to make a difference by donating to worthy causes. The world is a better place because of my success and the amazing heirlooms I provide my clients.

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© Bradford Rowley 2014-2015


Booking 30 Weddings in A Year

How To

Great Story from an Unknown Photographer.

It’s hard for me to even recall the beginning of the year because its gone by so quickly.  What I can remember clearly, though, is how uncertain the future felt.  How uncertain I felt about my photography and my business.  I’d just walked away from a job that was, how can I say this tastefully, a very financially secure photography job but also one that was the epitome of how to degrade employee morale.  I’d walked away fully intending to start my photography business, but with only puzzle pieces scattered throughout my brain to show me how to do it.


Let me back up a bit to give you some history.  I guess it would be unfair to definitively say that 2013 was the first year I attempted to open a business.  My adventure really started back in 2008.  At that time I was so unsure of where my life was going.  I hadn’t finished my bachelors degree, so I knew I had no future with it.  I was a musician, but come on, how realistic was the prospect of me breaking out of obscurity to become the next Avril Lavigne?  Bleak.  I had three hobbies I was really passionate about.  Playing guitar, taking pictures, and reading books.  After learning about it from a friend, I decided to pursue an internship with a well-known photographer who was based in Chicago at the time because I felt like of the few gifts I had to offer to the world, photography was the most plausible to accomplish sufficiently to turn it from a hobby into a career.

The internship was extremely fruitful.  I walked away inspired, with improved technical skills, one wedding under my belt as a secondary photographer, a crash course on profit and loss, tax info, great constructive criticism from a photographer I admired, and an understanding that I needed a brand that would work for me.  But what I was missing was the understanding that (and bare with me, if there’s one thing I want you to take away from this article, its this):  In order to have a successful photography business, you need to be as good at, and have as good of an understanding of business, as you do of photography.  And for years, I tried with meager results to run a photography business.


Ok so here is what I thought were the right ingredients for owning and running a successful photography business (and what didn’t work….like….at all.):

My photography should freaking rock.

Ok people, this should be obvious right?  As long as my photography is better than the next guy’s, it should be a no brainer.  People will flock to me practically throwing their money at me because SURELY they’ll see the value in the QUALITY of my work, over the other guy’s.  Nope.

I need a website so people can find me.

Once I get my website up and running, as long as it’s clean and informative and displays my work beautifully, people will book me.  They will find me, and they will book me.  (I suppose at this point I was thinking that I too, like Harry Potter, was magical and people would be able to magically find my website out of the trillion on the internet – like, “Accio website!” – Thats a Harry Potter reference for all you like-minded nerds)

As long as I just calculate my expenses and multiply them by 3, I will make a profit.

This is just plain dumb on my part.  Forgive me.

Pricing myself lower than my competition will cause me to get more work.

I thought that by pricing myself lower than anyone else, it would look like a bargain to my clients causing me to get more work.  This was kind of accurate, but the clientele it caused me to get was not the ideal audience I wanted, nor were they booking me for the right reasons.

I don’t need any type of marketing or advertising.  Word of mouth will get me everything I need!!!  Yippie!

Once I booked those bargain-hunting clients, I was certain that they would spread the word like wildfire about my awesome and affordable services and in turn get me TONS OF WORK!


Mayday.  Mayday.  Defcon 4.  None of this worked.  At all.  By 2010, I’d relocated to a different city, in a different state, with no client base (surprise!), and was too scared to try to continue pursuing a photography business.  I opted instead to work for someone else’s business taking photographs and it was a bad deal.  I was working to fulfill someone else’s dream and not my own.  After two and a half years of this, I’d finally had enough.  But I was still uncertain of how to run a successful business.  However, what I did know was that what I had been doing, didn’t work, and wasn’t working.

I’d attended WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) the year previously in Las Vegas, and had attended classes that were primarily focused on photo and lighting technique.  I saw all the business oriented classes, and skipped them.  Booooooring.

I started to wonder, as my desire to restart my business grew and as the fear of embarking on another failing business venture loomed, could it be that the thing I’m missing, the thing that would show me how to put all these photography business puzzle pieces in my head together would be…..gasp…..learning how to run a photography business?  Like, the actual BUSINESS part?!

I started a new adventure.  Learning business.  Not necessarily because I felt I had a passion for business, I definitely still only had a passion for photography, but because I thought it would help further my passion for photography.  A funny thing happened, as I started to learn and grow in my knowledge of the business world, my desire to learn more about it grew.  Then, my passion for photography and my new-found passion for business became one in the same.  I loved business because I loved photography, and I continue to love photography as I learn more about business.

The first place I started was at WPPI again the next year.  But instead of attending all of the technique classes, I attended as many business classes as I could.  Hearing how other photographers started their businesses not only validated my own fears but began to show me a bigger picture for all of my puzzle pieces to fit into.

After WPPI I started buying a ton of business oriented books.  Books like “The E Myth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber (suggested by the fabulous Tamera Lackey), and SEO Made Simple by Michael Fleischner.  I started learning the different aspects of business like how to become properly licensed, insured, and how to properly pay my taxes.  I learned how to successfully market, how to turn clients into actual ambassadors to tell people about my photography, and what SEO was.  I started getting on google on a daily basis to learn more ideas, and discover more business resources.


Here are a few things I’ve learned this year that directly contributed to landing 30 weddings in my first year back in the game:


I Legitimized myself.

I went through great lengths to learn how to properly legitimize my business.  From getting an LLC, and all the other required licensing, to purchasing Liability and Business Insurance, having an iron-clad contract drawn up to protect both myself and my client, and registering myself for state and federal taxation.  Clients are more inclined to book a legitimate business that have a level of trust attached to them.

I Found, and Addressed Specific Needs in my Area.

I can’t really call it a niche, but since I’m a Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas I offer both the traditional all day wedding packages that you’d expect people who are local to your area to book, but because so many people travel from out of town to Vegas for their wedding, I also offer Mini Wedding Sessions.  Its a way for me to capitalize on the specific needs in my market, and to offer a product that I know people in my area need.

Pricing Matters.

It’s not just about throwing up a number that sounds good to you, and that you think is sufficient for what your services and products are worth.  There are psychological cues and implications that cause people to make financial decisions.  Learning these tips and tricks for pricing have helped me secure business at the actual prices I want to be charging, and not the low-ball prices I think I have to charge to get work.  Check out Tofurious’ “Creative Pricing & Packaging For Photographers”.

SEO is SO important!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is how Google and the other search engines categorize websites during searches.  Have you ever wondered how a certain website ranks as the number one search result when you search for something?  Its most likely because their website has been optimized for that search term.  Optimizing my website and all of my blog posts has significantly contributed to the number of photography inquiries that I’ve received from potential clients this year.

Get people to link back to your website.

Getting other websites to link back to your website not only makes you look more impressive, but more importantly, it can help to boost your search results in Google.  Sites like Two Bright Lights can have a big impact on a photographer’s rank and reputation.

Customer Service Is Golden.

We all know that getting word-of-mouth referrals is essential for the life of a photographer.  Two ways that I exceed my client’s expectations is by how quickly I respond to their emails, and how quick and sufficient my turn-around time for my products is.  If you set the proper expectations for your services, then exceed those expectations, you’ll turn a client into an ambassador every time.

Connecting is key.

Nobody wants to give thousands of dollars to a shady business. I know I don’t. When I give that much money away I want to know exactly who I’m giving it to and what I’ll be getting. Make sure that the brand you build includes YOU.  Make sure your website includes ample info about you.  After all, the truth of the matter is that people aren’t just buying a product, they’re buying an experience with you.  You could give them the most incredible pictures ever known to mankind but if they had a crappy experience with you, guess what?  The only feelings their photos are going to muster up are how crappy/awkward/out-of-tune they felt while the pictures were being taken.  You want to make sure that your clients know WHO they’re buying, as well as WHAT they’re buying.  Making sure that you’re the right photographer for them, and that they’re the right clients for you is detrimental to a successful business.

Networking, networking, networking!

This is probably the most difficult puzzle piece in the equation for me.  I’m an introvert.  A super fun, loud talking introvert, but an introvert nonetheless.  The idea of going to a party full of strangers, putting myself out there, and requesting something from those strangers in return is TERRIFYING.  However, I received several inquiries from potential clients that were referrals from other wedding professionals.  People will refer you if you impress them or if they feel you’ll supplement the services they’re already offering a client. I’ve even gotten clients from other photographers who were unavailable for a wedding date.

Become a Social Media Master.

Having a good social media presence can not only bring in new clients, it can help to build trust with current clients. Properly staying active on social media can keep current clients in the loop and show prospective clients all that you’re currently up to. Having a social media presence also helps people feel connected to you as a person which is super important when it comes to people investing in your business. That brings me to my next point.


Finally, through trial, error and necessity, I found a way to organize all of my clients, their info, and their products in an efficient and dependable way.  Without organization, I think the whole business side of my company would completely fall to pieces.  It helps me to stay on top of my clients’ needs, making sure nothing, and no one falls between the cracks.  And the busier you get, the bigger the holes can become, which is why organization is key.



So what would I have done differently?  I could have definitely blogged more.  I could have networked more, sold more products, and focused on better marketing campaigns. So its areas like these, items I can add to a list, that make up my goals for 2014.

I can’t say that this is a perfect road map for starting a successful photography business.  But these were a few key factors that have helped me along the way.  At the beginning of 2013 I’d set a goal of 10 weddings for myself.  It seemed like such an unattainable goal.  And I also can’t say that it was just luck or good circumstance that I tripled that goal.  I had to work hard and reach out to a client base that didn’t know I existed.

Make yourself known, embrace the photographic community, network, learn, and never stop growing.

I’m sure by the end of 2015 I’ll have an entire new list of what has helped me grow as a Professional Wedding Photographer.  Until then, I hope this list helps someone else along the way.


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