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How Much Does A Photography Business Coach Cost?

Your photography business was your dream.
You may have read that your chances of success in the photography industry is very slim, and you may have seen many people begin a photography business and after a couple of years they have found it all too hard and found a “real job.”
The photography businesses failure rate is very high according to some statistics and Jodie Otte of Black Horse Studio in a recent article said that 95% will fail.
The stats of course don’t reveal the truth and the reality about what is really going on for you as a photographer who want to have a successful photography business.
There is a lot more involved in the “behind the scenes” truth about the lonely, emotional rollercoaster ride of creating and building a successful photography business that most business owners go through.
Success is an exciting unpredictable journey, and part of the journey can be filled with bad decisions and mistakes, lost money and often days of feeling worthless, and unloved.
Your decision to build a photography businesses, is a tough and courageous one. It can also be one of the few decisions in a photographer’s life that can fundamentally grow you as a person.
A photographer’s journey is generally filled with a mixture of positive and negative emotions, and here are a few of them that a photographer may encounter in their business life.
Excitement. The time you have been dreaming and working towards has finally arrived. The doors of your photography business are opening, the website for your new business is live and you launch into the unknown world of business.
You love taking photographs and starting your own photography business is your dream. You’re excited, as you visualise the floods of Newborns, Families, etc coming through the door. You are nervous, but you feel that your business will be a sure fire hit.
You have confidence and you just know that you have made the right decision.
When you start to get the first customers in front of your camera you experience a great overwhelming feeling of satisfaction.

You just know that you have made the right decision to “go it alone” even though a lot of family and friends thought you were crazy to do so!
Happiness. You are doing well, so you pay off your credit card, your business is finally in the black, and you are happy. You have achieved your goal of creating a profitable business and who you have become is a different person from who you were just three short years earlier.

Disappointment. After a while busyness becomes a trickle of low paying customers and reality hits you. Your excitement has been replaced by disappointment and a lot of questions. Why did they not book? Did I get this wrong? Have I set my prices too high? Was I too optimistic in my expectations? How am I going to get more sales? Is this really for me?

Fear. You can reach a point where you think that business is not as black and white as you thought it was. You have one or two bad customer experiences and doubt fills you mind. You knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but because your photography was good, you felt that people would happily pay for it.
You begin to doubt that you are not “good enough” to have a business.
Some poor sales weeks may drag into months and when the sales stay flat, and your initial disappointment begins to turn into fear. Fear that you’re not covering your costs, fear that you’re going backwards not forwards, and fear that this photography business that you have created, is looking more like a death sentence rather than a ticket to wealth, happiness and freedom. You don’t realise it at first but this fear can be helpful, as this fear is important, and it may be a galvanising force to find an inner strength and belief. Many photographers give up right here, when success could be just around the corner.

Inner Strength. Suddenly something changes, in your mindset and you decide to face the facts. You decide to stop avoiding the truth of your bad situation and you decide to confront the mess you’re in. Instead of repeating the same marketing strategies you used previously, that are now not working you start to implement new strategies. You start putting yourself on the front line and you even start asking for help. You make a decision to learn everything that you can about strategic marketing and selling.

I am sure many of you reading this will be shaking your heads up and down and agreeing that you have been through some, if not all of the emotions above and more.
You understand that your photography business is not an event, but is a long journey.

So you may have come to a point in your journey that you are looking at finding a photography business coach to help you out of the situation that you are in, whether it is in helping you through a bad period, or simply that you want help to accelerate your business growth.

The question is how much should you pay for a photography business coach?

It is important that the coach that you select has been the owner of a successful photography business, and has “walked the walk.” This will give you the confidence to know that they know what the industry is all about, and what it takes to create and grow your business.

The fees of a photography business coach will usually relate to the amount of experience that the coach has, not only in running a business, but how many years they have been coaching.

Like any form of expertise prices vary, and photography business coaching can cost from $250 for a single one hour consultation to the more intense twelve month photography business coaching priced up to $12,000. Some coaches charge a monthly fee, while others will come to your studio for a couple of days and provide you with the solutions to your problems.

Many photographers are part time coaches, and are offering coaching services to make a little extra money as their business may not be going too well.

They may charge for a short time program and you can expect fees of around $3-$4,000 for this type of guidance.
Whatever coach you decide on, what you should be looking for is a return on your investment.

A good photography business coach will help, drive, and guide you in increase your turnover and maximise your profit.

photography business coach

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12 Things You Do That Are Holding You Back From Success

In the years I’ve spent coaching others as a photography business coach, I’ve recognized patterns in what we all do, myself included, that hold us back from success. Here I share 12 of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned along the way.

  1. You compare yourself to others.

Whether it’s starting a business or learning a new skill, you will look at others who are much further down the road from you and expect your results to be similar to theirs, today. Since you cannot see the struggle, the mistakes and the hundreds of little improvements they made every single day, you assume these never existed. By comparison you feel inadequate, incapable and discouraged.

Shift your focus instead to where you are today compared to yesterday to get a more accurate picture of the progress you’re making.

  1. You ask yourself the wrong questions.

You spend your time and energy wondering “if”—if what you’re doing is possible, if you’re good enough to achieve it, if it’s the right thing to do. These questions are unhelpful and suck all the energy and motivation out of you. Change these questions to how, who and what, such as, “How will I make this happen?” “What’s the first step?” “Who can help me with this?” and spend your energy finding answers that will help you move closer to success.

  1. You wait for others’ permission.

You want those you care about to approve. You create a story that their approval means you’re on the right path. You don’t want to disappoint. And so you end up stuck and paralysed by a flippant comment, or an unenthusiastic reaction. I’ll never forget my uncle giving me a pained look while telling me, “Why are you still in London? Come back to Malta with your family.” Ouch that really hurt, but had I listened, I’d be stuck in a dead-end job, living a life that was killing my soul. YOU know what’s best for you. Trust your gut and your heart, live by YOUR standards, and you’re much more likely to create a life that makes you happy.

  1. You wait for the “right” time.

You keep putting something off because it’s not the “right” time yet. You need to make a few more improvements, get more experience, learn a few more skills. You wait for the economy to improve, the weather to get better or for a sign that you should start. This is just your mind playing delay tactics and winning. The right time is now. Only by starting will you discover what else needs to be done or improved, never before.

  1. You expect instant results.

“What?!” your mind tells you. “You’ve put so much effort into this and no one has noticed?!! This is a waste of time, might as well stop now.” I vividly remember thinking this when I posted my first ever blog post. As the tumbleweed rolled on my site, and not even my mum left a comment, my blogging career threatened to stop just as quickly as it started. Be patient, be persistent and give yourself a realistic timeline to achieve the results you want.

  1. You don’t take action.

You make lists and beautiful plans. You re-write those plans and use the latest app to capture them a second time. You discuss your plans, visualize your plans, criticise your plans. You do everything but act on them. Your first step, as imperfect as it may be, will be much more useful than all the plans in the world. Your first step might actually change all the plans you made in the first place, so spend most of your time on acting, not planning, if you want to get somewhere.

  1. You create fake busyness.

This is my favourite one by far. I’ve spent hours tweaking my website, reading other blogs “for research purposes,” playing with new apps. Days have gone by where I’ve sat at my desk for hours being very busy at doing nothing. If you know you’re doing the same, take a step back and ask yourself where your actions are leading to. If they’re not leading to tangible results, then you know you need to be spending your time doing something else.

  1. You listen to everyone but yourself.

You’re new at this. You seek advice. The world and her mother have an opinion on the subject. You sit and you listen. You assume everyone knows what they’re talking about, that you have to follow what you read unless you want to fail miserably. The problem is, the advice is taking you in so many different directions that you’re paralyzed. By all means read and learn, and then let your own heart and instinct guide you. Trust that you will find your own best way of doing this, and it will be just right for you.

  1. You assume talent and not persistence in the secret to success.

“If I had any talent, this would be much easier. I’m not cut out for this.” When you start your project, you discover it’s a steep uphill struggle to get where you want. You make it mean you’re lacking in some way, that maybe you should aim a little lower or try something easier. Don’t buy into this mindset. Anything you do will get easier the more you do it. Persistence and not talent is the secret to success, so stick to it, keep working at it and eventually you’ll find yourself at the top of that hill.

  1. You’re not flexible.

You’ve got your plan and you want to stick to it no matter what. You assume this is the only way you can succeed. For years, I assumed that the only way to get fit was to join a gym. For years I paid huge yearly fees for a gym I never used. The goal is still there but my tactics have changed. Yoga, cycling and swimming have replaced the gym to much better effect. What’s your proverbial unvisited gym? And what could you replace it with?

  1. You do it alone.

You see asking for help as a sign of weakness, or maybe it doesn’t occur to you that you can reach out to others. You want to succeed on your own. You build an imaginary fortress around you as you work on your project. STOP right there. List 3 things you’re struggling with right now. Next to each one list at least one person who’s experienced something similar. Write one question you would love to ask that person. Now reach out and ask.

  1. You don’t know when to let go.

You’ve tried your best, you’ve changed tactics a hundred times, you’ve worked endless hours on this project for the last few months, yet you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for. So you work harder and faster hoping that somehow, someday, you will get there. Your project has become this dark cloud following you wherever you go. Any excitement or joy you felt about working on it has since long gone. You’ve invested so much in this project that you don’t want to let it go. Consider this, how do you feel about spending the next 12 months working on the same project? If you had to let it go, what else could you do with your time? Sometimes it’s OK to let go.

What will happen? For one, you’ll still be perfectly okay. But who knows, once you gather a broader mindset you might find the exact opposite of one of your old opinions to be true.

photography business coach

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Pricing Your Photography For Profit

Do potential customers ever ask you the price of your wedding and/or portrait photography?

So expect it and get some solid strategies to reply to their request for prices, whether it be on the phone or by email.

How you reply to their request could be the difference between your business thriving and not.

Are you bogged down with trying to sort out your prices for your portrait and wedding photography?

Are you testing or guessing? Or are you testing and measuring?
Who ultimately sets your prices? Is it you or the customer?

It took me many years of test and measure to get my pricing formula right.

Are you pricing yourself to fail? If you are too cheap or too expensive you may be busy but with an empty bank account.

Ideal Clients Aren’t Always Looking For The Cheapest Photography Prices

What do we need before we can set our prices?……………………..we need products.

As a photography business coach I always explain that products are important when you set your prices.

7 Mistakes Photographers Make When They Set Their Prices.

1. Make price stand out more than their Branding/ Positioning.

Many photographers price lists I see make the price in the largest font and even sometimes in a stronger colour.

2. Make their price list too complex.

Price lists are sometimes so complex that even I do not understand them, never mind the general public.

3. Copy other photographers.

Other photographers prices bear no relationship to yours. Their products, photography, overheads, needs and wants are totally different than yours.

4. Set their prices and don’t adjust them regularly.

Once we set our prices we must check on what products sell the most ( our core products) and lift them.

5. Put a full price list on their website.

Should you put your prices on your website?

Hands up those who say yes you should be on the website?

Hands up those who say no?

6. Use a multiplication factor to wholesale cost.

7. Charge by the hour.

Some sources say that you should use a 5 X cost to price your products.

So a 5×7 inch print should be 5x cost…that would make it $15 on your price list. Are you kidding?

You can charge what you want right?

The perceived value of the product determines the price.

1. Perceived value can be the way that you have positioned yourself in the marketplace as maybe high end and expensive.

2. Perceived value can be enhanced with great presentation and packaging.

Example…7×5 loose and in ready to frame mount with acetate and ribbon.

3. It could be that it is printed on archival Art paper rather than on standard photographic paper.

4. It could even be the photography itself that is incredibly creative and has exceptional post production on the files.


First we have to ask the question. How much money do you want to earn?

The answer for me was always “ as much as possible.”

Having this open mind, I always drove my business as hard as I could on a daily basis.

Set your initial prices to your own cringe factor.

Then with monitoring your sales, you can gradually increase your core products to a point where the market stops buying

Bernie’s Cringe Factor Method

Let’s Try it

We are finding out what the market can stand the market could stand.

With wedding photography you have a price that will attract the kind of customer that you want. Then by using an effective Album Planning process you increase that total sale by at least double.


Talent and photography skills.
The facility that you work out of.
Your mindset.
Your location.
Presentation of products.
Price is just one piece of your business jigsaw.

Getting it right is about “test and measure” and in going to the market, with it and letting the market decide.

In my years of experience as a photography business coach, I realise that there may be people that may look to find the lowest price photographer in their community, and if you feel they are your ideal client , then target them and market to them.

But as a photography business coach I would prefer you to find better clients than market to those who do not value your photography.

Every Success….Bernie

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One Photographers Journey

Here is an email I received last week.
 In 2014 I was really busy (not much in the way of marketing got done) everyone that came to my door 90% were booking me, however at the end of the year I made nothing and my wage was below minimum.I was advised to put my prices up, so I revamped, did the number crunching and worked out what I needed to charge. I worked out what I needed each person to spend and created a package that would make people spend there.

What is really depressing is the people who are now enquiring are walking away saying they can’t afford it.

It is a very competitive market here with lots of photographers charging very little and giving files away practically for free.

This year has been extremely difficult trying to get money out of people. This is a case scenario I had recently.

I set up an Ordering and Viewing appointment for my clients and gave them an awesome deal because it was for two sessions. They came into the viewing and ordering session (they had already been to two prior so they knew the drill) they chose the photos they wanted and when it came to asking how they would like to pay for their order they both didn’t bring their wallets. They then asked if they could Internet bank it. Sure no problem, only they never paid. When sending them and email, I had no reply, text, no reply, fb message no reply. What can you do?

I’m at my wits end not sure what direction to go and how can I make this work, that is why I am writing to you because I am exhausted from trying.

I’ve learned from other successful photographers, and have taken on board some of their ways that sit right with me and don’t cost an arm and leg every month, however, nothing really has worked.


PS There is no full time photographers here as we all have other incomes.
Look forward to hearing from you.

PS I would like to keep getting your emails.“

What Is It?
What is it that is stopping you from growing your photography business?
I talk to photographers everyday who are all at different stages in their business.

Many of the photographers I coach are Master Photographers who have been in business for many years, while others are just beginning their business journey.

But we all have “blockers”.

photography businesscoach1

There are many obstacles or excuses that get in our way……

-Not being liked
-Losing money
-Being seen
-Getting too busy

-Don’t like
-Happy in comfort zone

-Too much on mind
-Don’t know what to do first

-Not enough

-Don’t know what to do

-Having everything right

-Friends and family not on your wavelength

-Don’t believe in yourself

Pam’s main problem was 5. LACK OF KNOWLEDGE…she just didn’t know what to do.

We don’t know what we don’t know!

I will keep you informed about Pam’s journey, as she has made the decision to sign up for one of my 12 month Coaching Programs.

Changing Photographers Lives
“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help this year.
We had another record month for December with 32 sessions booked in for next year.
I also wanted to tell you, I used your suggestion of a baby plan with newborn clients. I charged them $25 to add a 6 month and 1 year session after doing the newborn session. One family today came in and spent $3,090 for the 6 month session, so it is definitely working.” Kate & Chris Beuchner Uber Photography

Enquiries… Bernie +61418509228



I will keep you informed about Pam’s journey, as she has made the decision to sign up for one of my 12 month Coaching Programs.

Photography Business coach

Changing Photographers Lives
“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help this year.
We had another record month for December with 32 sessions booked in for next year.
I also wanted to tell you, I used your suggestion of a baby plan with newborn clients. I charged them $25 to add a 6 month and 1 year session after doing the newborn session. One family today came in and spent $3,090 for the 6 month session, so it is definitely working.” Kate & Chris Beuchner Uber Photography

Photography Business coach

Enquiries… Bernie +61418509228

Photography Business Coach

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A Day For Photographers

SYDNEY Monday 13 FEB     NEWCASTLE Tuesday 14 FEB

Get rid of your Photography Business Frustrations!

After the fantastic success of the “A Day For Photographers” last year, we will be travelling around Australia throughout 2017, helping as many photographers as we can.

The whole day will have a focus on what makes a studio successful, and will include going through the following critical points. Sorting out Your Website, Social Media, Business Principals, creating a Price List, Photographing for Sales, Creating more Business, The Retail No Pressure Portrait Selling System and more….it will be a full day!

  1.   Developing Your Photography Into A Clear Brand.
  2. Getting the Right Customers.
  3.   Developing A Conversion System To Convert Leads Into Customers.
  4.   Building Your Price List To Maximise Sales.
  5.   Test and Measure Strategies To Keep You On Track.
  6.   Marketing for a Constant Flow of Customers.
  7. Becoming a Master Photographer.
  8. Facebook Marketing Strategies.
  9.   Developing a Perfect Work/Life Balance.



BERNIE GRIFFITHS Photography Business Coach   


After having a successful wedding/portrait studio for over 40 years, Bernie transitioned into being a Photography Business Coach. He is now the “go to” coach for those studios looking at taking their business to the next level.

His studio experience, expertise in Facebook Marketing, and down to earth approach to business, has enabled him to help and guide photographers in growing their business and generating more income.

Bernie is widely recognised as Australia’s Leading Photography Business Coach, and his presentation will be on the 5 most important things that a photographer should focus on to build a successful photography business.

HEATH WADE Master Photographer


Heath and his wife Mairead have had their highly successful boutique photography business in Newcastle for over ten years.

They started out as fresh-faced pups back in 2000, earning a living taking and selling local landscape images.

It wasn’t long before Mairead traded the classroom for the studio and Heath threw off his sparky’s pliers for life behind the camera, and they both embraced on a new venture together.

In 2005 Heath experienced a real ‘light bulb moment’, and passionately felt that he wanted to be part of the wedding/portrait photography scene.

He wanted to be the one capturing the roller coaster of emotions, love, friendship and excitement on camera, and so began his new studio.

Fast forward to 2017 and now Heath has been recognised and rewarded for his efforts, with State and National Awards and many ecstatic clients.

Heath is a qualified AIPP Master Photographer and was the NSW AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2013, 2014, 2015.

JOHANNAH BARTON  Website Designer


Johannah is the owner of a branding and website design company called Confetti Design. She specialises in helping small businesses sell to predominantly female target markets. With over 20 years experience, she has worked with many photographers to enhance and project their brand, and create unique websites, that have delivered great results.

Johanna’s presentation will help guide you in creating your perfect website.

Is your website up to date and giving you the best chance of competing in such a competitive market place?

.MURIELLE SASSINE  Portrait and Glamour Photographer


Murielle Sassine, owner and operator of Vivid Imaging and Blackbox Portraits, developed a passion for photography at a young age. She pursued her interests in photography and obtained a degree in Visual Communication, establishing herself as a photo media specialist.

Murielle has run a successful photography business from home for over 17 years, and has achieved great success with her sales in the areas of portrait and glamour photography.

Her portrait sales last year were “mind blowing” and she had a record turnover for her business.

She will talk about some of the many challenges facing photographers who work from home and how you can get a good work/life balance.

EARLYBIRD $65 until 15th January …….NORMAL PRICE  $125 


Changing Photographers Lives

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help this year.

We had another record month for December with 32 sessions booked in for next year.

I also wanted to tell you, I used your suggestion of a baby plan with newborn clients. I charged them $25 to add a 6 month and 1 year session after doing the newborn session. One family today came in and spent $3,090 for the 6 month session, so it is definitely working. Kate & Chris Beuchner Uber Photography 

Enquiries…  Bernie +61418509228

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Photography Business Coach Soft Sell

Chase The Dream….No Excuses.

Australia’s leading photography business coach
The Sales Approach That Sells Without “Selling”

Have No Fear of Closing
Chase The Dream….No Excuses.
I have owned and operated three successful photography studios over a period of 45
years. The reason for their success was that I developed a “soft sell” system that took
the pressure off me when it came to the sale. I was able to go into the sales process relaxed, and with confidence that I would maximise the sale to each and every customer.
Solid, predictable and consistent selling systems are the heart and life blood of any business.
I must admit that I did learn from my mistakes, of which I made many. Selling can be pressure for both the customer and the sales person.
It took me many years to realise that people love to buy, but hate to be sold.
Of course I have read numerous books on selling. They never gave a specific step by step of the process.
So here is mine. It is powerful and it may appear too simple for your brain to accept, but believe me it is based on my specific experience over thousands of portrait sales that have put hundreds of thousands of dollars into my bank account.
My “soft sell” system gave me a very high average sale. It changed my mindset. It will change yours if you let it. Don’t fight it, simply try it. Test it.
I believe that you can at least double your average sale.
You can easily lose thousands of dollars if you do not do your selling correctly.
Imagine if you only increased your average sale by just $100, over 50 sales that would equate to $5,000!
Most photographers do not see themselves as salespeople. That is why they fail, in the most important part of their business. Ninety-five percent of photographers in sales are failing miserably.
Change what you are doing and you’re going to succeed.

In my coaching I consistently see photographers break all their records in sales. How exciting is that! Imagine not having to close a sale, and instead the customers closing their own sale!
Just relax and let the system do its work. Let it come to its natural conclusion. You have to combat the fear of the sale closing, to overcome that obstacle.

Let The Customer make their own Decisions.
Forget what you would like the customer to buy. Let them decide on what they based on the information that you have given them.
Never Prejudge
Do not prejudge what the customer can or cannot afford. Don’t think that the customer doesn’t have the money to invest a lot in photography. This is a big business coach  I have known a customer deprive themselves of a new car, choosing rather to spend thousands with me, on family photographs.

Never Underestimate The Value of a Lifetime Customer
By not prejudging a customer, you can open your mind to the possibility that this customer will come back again and again over the years. Let your presentation, be carried by this excitement, enthusiasm, and belief.
Dress for Success
If you dress for success, the customer is more likely to take your higher prices seriously. I don’t mean over the top, but I do mean that you should dress professionally. Whether you are male or female dress appropriately when you are selling. It will have a positive effect on your sales presentation.
Practice, Practice, Practice
You must practice your selling system. I used to role play with friends or staff members, to perfect my presentation. Right up to getting the money. You must build your confidence before you present yourself to your customers.

Be Ready and Do Not Keep The Customer Waiting
Always allow plenty of time between each appointment, so that you do not keep your clients waiting.

The Simple “No Pressure Selling System.”
1. You should have a simple structured price list that leads the customer to buy your
core products, which in turn will help maximise your sales.
2. Prepare your customer for the sale by informing them of the viewing and purchasing procedure, prior to the appointment.
3. Show the customer a slideshow of edited images.
4. Get them to stand up and go through your prices with them showing samples and various sizes of your products on your wall.
5. Leave them with the price list and leave the room.
6. Return a few minutes later and don’t say anything.
7. Wait for them to ask questions and tell you what products they want.
8. Go back to the computer and sort the images to the products.
9. Ask for full payment.
10. Get them to sign off on the order.
Is it this easy? Yes, but you have to have confidence and practice this simple but very powerful sales strategy.
One of the keys to the success of this strategy is the structure of your pricing and products. These in turn should be connected to your branding and target market.

Listen and Learn To Shut Up!
Learn to “shut up.” All your talk is highly ineffective and completely unnecessary.
Most photographers talk too much. Learn to listen instead of talking. Listen to that potential client’s questions and concerns like you are being told the biggest secret in the world. You have to have big ears to listen to every word that they are saying.

Become a Record Breaker
This is my favourite strategy, because I love to set goals and break records. It keeps memotivated and focused on achieving more than I have already accomplished. If you are a record breaker, then you can never become complacent.

What is your personal sales record? What is the most that you have ever earned in sales?
Write it down right now. Now, what’s your record breaking goal? Write that down. Also, write down when you want to accomplish that goal. Now, put that record breaking goal and the date in front of you so that you see it everyday. Let me give you the three steps that will guarantee that you will break the business coach
First, you must know it in order to break it. Sales records are developed, recorded in the books and then broken. Set a goal of breaking your highest portrait or wedding sale, and the date of when I would achieve it. Always strive to beat your own personal record.

Don’t Forget To Always Follow-Up
Thank You Cards. You must send out thank you cards. Preferably a handwritten thank
you card instead of an e-card, because people get bombarded with e-mails. This is
something that I do regularly in my business to thank people for their time and consideration.
It’s not enough to just sign your name to some random thank you card. Take just a few moments to actually write the person’s name and a short blurb thanking them for their time, consideration in doing business with you. You must do this even if the person did not invest in your product. Remember, the key is to build long-term relationships.

I have shared my simple sales strategies with you, and I know that you will learn from them. Read this report often, rather than letting it sit on your computer. Implement these easy strategies into your current sales presentations and watch your sales grow.
I would love to hear of your record-breaking sales.
Bernie Griffiths has over 40 years experience
owning a successful wedding and portrait photography studio.
He has always been in the photography industry, beginning
as a press photographer at just fifteen years of age. After
that he became a manager in a photography darkroom,
processing and printing thousands of images.
Looking for greater challenges, at only twenty one years old,
Bernie managed to secure a dream job in working as a photographer
on a luxury cruise ship. He had a staff of three other
photographers, and cruised all over the world capturing the
passenger’s experiences, with sales for the photographs
reaching record levels.
Bernie opened his own studio when he was twenty-three
years old. He soon learned that there was a lot more to the
business than just taking photographs. The business needed
to create cash flow, for there were lots of bills to be paid. It was
at this point that Bernie became a photography student of
marketing and promotion. Using some well thought out new
marketing strategies, the studio began to flourish. So much in
fact that after only two years Bernie employed five staff, and
opened a second studio in a nearby town.
Bernie has walked the path as a photography business coach and now a , and knows the frustrations and day-to-day challenges.
He is a “down to earth” person who can relate to
all areas of a business.
There are short cuts that can lead you to accelerate your
success, both as a photographer and business owner. Talk
to him about secrets of success and he will bluntly tell you
that there aren’t any, once you know them. He will say,
“Work hard and always measure your results, and don’tmake
the same mistake twice.”
Using his unique retail selling system Bernie has turned over
hundreds of thousands of dollars in his portrait and wedding
photography business, and also through his consulting company,
has taught many photographers to do the same.
Bernie is Australia’s only full time Photography Business
. Mobile 0418509228

photography business coach

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Is Your Photography Business Ok?

Half Way Through Financial Year

Already we are halfway through the 2016/2017 financial year, and I hope that you are right up to date with your record keeping.

It is very important in running your photography business that you not only know your numbers, but that you spend time looking at, and analysing them, to help you make decisions for the future.

Do you know your numbers?

Profit/Loss for the last 6 months?

Monthly portrait sales average up or down on last year?

Do you notice any trends?

Are your wedding bookings up on last year or are they on the decline?

What Marketing strategy gave you the best results in the past 6 months?

Is it time to re-structure or raise your prices?

What portrait product did you sell the most of?

How are your numbers compared to the previous 6 months?

What tasks were most time consuming in your business?

Where Are You Going?

You have to admit that if you do not know where you are, that is pretty hard to plan a journey to a specific destination, so if you don’t constantly monitor your numbers, your business journey could quickly go downhill.

Your numbers let you know where your business has been, and give you the information that you need to plan to where you want to go.

I have seen so much success this year with my clients in growing their businesses, that we are all really excited about the year ahead.

Don’t believe what you may hear that it is not possible to have a vibrant, financially successful studio in this economy.

Photographers are usually self taught in their photography, and also in their marketing and business processes.

That, I feel is the main reason why some photographers struggle. They simply don’t know how to attract customers, work out their pricing structure, and run their business efficiently.

They have never learned HOW to do these things.

I have been part of so many success stories, that I KNOW that it IS possible.

Don’t let your dreams slip away from you.

This life is not a dress rehearsal. Grab what you want from it.

I don’t know why trees don’t keep growing to the sky.

I don’t know how bees make honey.

I don’t know why I was born to live a life on this earth.

But I do have a really good idea why some photographers succeed while others fail.

I am always happy to give some free advice and guidance, so please feel free to contact me on

Changing Photographers Lives

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help this year.

We had another record month for December with 32 sessions booked in for next year.

I also wanted to tell you, I used your suggestion of a baby plan with newborn clients. I charged them $25 to add a 6 month and 1 year session after doing the newborn session. One family today came in and spent $3,090 for the 6 month session, so it is definitely working.

We appreciate all the ideas you have put forward, and the way you have challenged us to help drive our business to the next level.” Kate & Chris Beuchner Uber Photography

All going crazy with the Facebook promo so thank you again. I followed your strategy for the Facebook business post to get leads for engaged couples and have had 57 enquiries and have currently made 16 bookings with many more clients. This is amazing as I am only in a relatively small town”. Brook Durling from Simon and Louise Photography

“I was ready to take the ‘next step’ to progress my home based business. The best thing that ever happened was I found Bernie. He gave me the confidence to raise my prices and re-evaluate my products. The changes resulted in a dramatic increase in average sales. I have stepped up a notch using Bernie’s strategies. His support has given me much more confidence. He is part of my team. The best decision that I have ever made for my business was consulting with Bernie. I only wish I had done it much earlier”. Leesa Perry from Leesa Perry Photography 

Enquiries…  Bernie +61418509228

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Choosing The Right Photography Products For Your Business

With so many different photography products out in the market place, it can be very hard to know what products you should sell.

Which ones are right for you?

When I talk about products I mean canvas, frames, print boxes, acrylics, albums, USB cases, etc, etc.

The majority of your clients don’t really have any idea of what they want, at least until they have seen their photographs.

They may have some idea of what they think they want, but the reality is, they generally don’t know what is available.

When a potential client asks, “What do you charge for an 8×10?”, or “How much are all the digital files?” they aren’t really asking what you charge for an 8×10, or how cheap your digital files are, but more likely they are telling you that they need more information about your products.

So when asked that question you can introduce them to your product range, and discuss their benefits.

Some clients will want a lot of small prints, some will want acrylic wall prints, some will want framed prints, and some will want canvas, while some will want digital files.


I remember when my studio used to do bucket loads of weddings and I had about ten different album covers on offer. I grew tired of spending so much time in selecting an album cover with couples, so I approached my supplier and asked what album cover colour they sold the most.

I was surprised when they told me it was black, but I changed all my samples to black, and you guessed it, everyone chose it.

I did the same for my frames, and again everyone bought black frames. Alternative colours were available if anyone asked (which they rarely did) but I offered them at a more expensive price, which always led the customers happily back to black.

The first step for a photographer choosing products for their business is to know what products are out there in the marketplace.

The second is to ask a lot of questions of the suppliers about those products, so that they are best able to match their clients’ needs.

Choose products that are in demand, but add your own little branding touches, like wrapping your own personalised ribbon around them, or having your logo embossed in a prominent place.

Keep in mind that your products should suit your positioning in the marketplace.

Choose your products to suit your sales and to maximise your profit and introduce new products regularly and see what your customers like.

Select products that your customers like and buy, rather than what you like.

For more info on products and pricing contact Bernie … or

photographybusinesscoach  bernie griffiths

Choosing The Right Photography Products For Your Business

How Much Do You Charge? 

When your phone rings do you get excited?

Or do you think that it is just another potential customer who will waste your time just asking questions about price?

Are you expecting them to ask that common question… How much do you charge?

What you say next will either cost you money, or make you money.

So is there a  secret to answering a phone enquiry?
If you haven’t prepared yourself with handling a phone enquiry you may lose the customer to your opposition.

You don’t want your customer to leave you, saying “thanks, I’ll think about it, and get back to you” because they never do of course.
So what’s the answer?

In business we spend a lot of money to attract potential customers, so when we get “cold” leads or any general enquiries, we must handle them in such a way that we can turn these enquiries into customers, either straightaway, or at a later date.

So try this process of questioning the prospect about her needs, getting to know the triggers that motivate her, and build rapport that will generate trust.

The end result is a much better chance of successfully taking a booking, or at least having a client in the future.

Having a phone script to follow will help you guide the potential customer in the direction that you want and not spend the whole conversation discussing and dissecting your price list.

You need to build a relationship quickly, so that the person on the other end of the phone feels a natural likeness for who you are, and what makes you different from all the other photographers.

Key questions to ask in answering a client enquiry over the phone are………….

  1. Have you seen our website?

What did you like about our photos? We specialise in emotive relaxed portraiture etc.

Tell her about your brand and what separates you from other photographers.

  1. Was there a time frame that you wanted the photographs taken?

Could be an anniversary, or special birthday. You also need to know the time frame to check your availability and create a need for the customer to book.

  1. Who will be in the photographs?

You need to know whether it is one subject or a big group, to give you some idea how long the session will take.

  1. Where did you hear about us?

You need to know what marketing strategies are working.

  1. Do you have an email address?

You need to know this so that you can put their email address into your database,  to send them regular emails with information, and special offers, that may cause them to make a booking further “down the track.”

  1. What’s most important to you about having a professional take the photographs?

You need to know the answer to this question to find out the dominant buying motive. Listen carefully to the answer, as you may be given a great opportunity for her to reveal, in an emotional way, why she should work with you.

  1. Tell them your session fee plus a guide to prices of your products.

This is the main reason that the customer is phoning, to get information. You don’t have to go into prices in great detail, but rather to see whether they are your customer or not.

  1. Tell them your photography and ordering processes.

This will give clarity to how you do business.

  1. Tell them that “the only time that you can decide what you want is when you see

your  photographs, and it is at this time I will go through all of the products, and pricing,

and from there it is up to you”.

This clarifies your sales process in a relaxed and truthful manner, that all will be revealed about price when they see their photographs. It is only then that they can decide on how much they will be spending.

  1. Tell them what makes you “different”, and emphasis it, so that you can create value in the customers mind.

You must know what makes your business different to any other photographers, and they can then decide if they want to connect with you.

  1. Tell them that you are happy to send further information by email. This would be information, not a price list.

This is an opportunity for you to highlight your brand, and include lots of testimonials.

  1. Tell them that you are happy if they are in the area, for them to drop by and see your samples. Then they can see exactly what they are getting for their money.

A Day For Photographers…Perth

Get Rid Of Your Photography Business Frustrations!

Following the highly successful seminars in Sydney and Melbourne, it is now time for Perth.

The whole day will have a focus on what makes a studio successful, and will include going through the following critical points.

Sorting out Websites, Social Media, Business Principles, creating a Price List, Photographing for Sales, Creating more Business, The Retail No Pressure Portrait Selling System and more….going to be a full day.

  1.   Developing Your Photography Into A Clear Brand.
  2. Getting the Right Customers.
  3.   Developing A Conversion System To Convert Leads Into Customers.
  4.   Building Your Price List To Maximise Sales.
  5.   Test and Measure Strategies To Keep You On Track.
  6.   Facebook Marketing for a constant flow of Customers.








Enquiries…  Bernie 0418509228

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Photographing New Born Babies.

Who Doesn’t Love A New Born Baby?

Over the last few years, newborn photography has become the “go to” genre for photographers around the world.

There are a million videos, tutorials, ebooks, guides and books on how to photograph these “slippery little suckers”.

The best one I have found is  “Over 100 of the Best Newborn Baby Tutorials”.

Nowhere In all of my research on photographing newborns, do I see any one talk about shooting for maximizing sales.

The focus is always on how to photograph the baby.

Now to maximise our sales, we need to photograph the baby with any siblings, its parents, and its grandparents.

Becoming a proud grandparent myself  just six weeks ago, to a beautiful grand daughter, Wendy and I would have loved to have some great professional photographs with the new baby.

We would have loved the photographs to be taken in our home, so that we would not have to had venture out into Melbourne’s freezing weather.

Our son and daughter-in-law would have preferred this also, as new busy parents they would not have had to pack the baby, along with clothes and bottles etc.

How easy for us all to have the photography session in the comfort and warmth of our own home.

We could have supplied any props so the photographer would not need “organically dyed newborn cheesecloth wraps” etc.

Doing a newborn session in new parents homes just makes sense, and has many benefits for the client, and the great benefit for the photographer of course is in maximising the sales.

I have some of the photographers that I am coaching doing this and they are having a lot of success.

So next time you book in a newborn shoot, just encourage the baby’s parents to bring

along the grandparents for part of the shoot.

Your bank account will thank you.

photography business coach

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